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January 23, 2018


Woodland Soccer Takes the Win Versus Wilby

[su_carousel source=”media: 24378,24377,24376,24375,24374,24373,24372,24371,24370,24369,24368,24367,24366,24365,24364,24363,24362,24361,24360,24359,24358,24357,24356,24355,24354,24353″ link=”lightbox”] Woodland was in full control of the field during their game on Friday, October 7, against Wilby. Zach Powanda, a junior on the team, held sway over the pace of the game while playing his position of center-middle. Once the defense retrieved the ball from the opposing team, their eyes scanned the

Alexa Casimiro: Soccer Star

Playing a sport in a different country  might sound a bit like a movie, but for Alexa Casimiro, Woodland junior, it’s her life. She started her soccer career when she was three years old and has not stopped for the past decade. While playing on the Connecticut State Team, ODP, Casimiro was given a unique

Top Ten Moments of Woodland Fall Sports 2014

[tps_header] [/tps_header] The ballots were cast and the votes have been tallied; these are the sports moments that will be remembered. Plays, runs, swims that put the team ahead. Wins that made a great season even better. The following were voted in as the most memorable plays for Woodland’s 2014 Fall Season.  If you have

Hawk Athletics Come Together

Athletes at Woodland Regional High School are taking the meaning of #Hawkpride to another level. Starting this week, Head football coach at Woodland Regional School,Timothy Phipps modified the team’s schedule, cutting down practice time to conserve the players’ strength and energy. Because of this change, Phipps encourages his players to take this opportunity to attend

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