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January 22, 2018

Julia Caruso

Halloween in the Woods 2016

Woodland held yet another successful Halloween on October 31. Dressing up remained a senior privilege with costumes ranging from Donald Trump and his wall to the KFC’s Colonel Sanders. Halloween at Woodland will continue to conjure up school spirit and be a day for the entire student body to look forward to. Best Group: Inside Out (Elif Abedin,

Cross Country Senior Night

The Cross Country team had a successful senior night on Wednesday, October 11. Seniors that took their last lap around the track included Meredith Dyckman, Sydney Patterson, Meghan Terni, Tyler Orloski, Mathew Giaquinto, Isiah Miller, Colin Kennelly, and Paul Jones. Athletes to note for the girls’ meet included Dyckman and junior, Emilie Norieka. Kennelly, ranking

Woodland Girls’ Basketball Heads to States

Photo Credit: Steve Montambault and Julia Caruso Let’s talk about the Woodland Girl’s Basketball Team. The team hasn’t been a large topic of conversation for the last few years- that is until now. This year the girls have transformed from a team constantly struggling to win games into a cohesive,true power within the NVL. Last year,

Pep Rally Photos 2016

Photos by Julia Caruso Story by Taylor Amore For the second year in a row, Pep Rally was a month after Spirit Week, but the spirit was still there. From the first event, the obstacle course, students were up on their feet cheering for their grade. Chants began in each set of bleachers and throughout

Girls Basketball Takes Naugy

The Woodland Girls Basketball team held a great game against Naugatuck on Wednesday, December 14. They held a consistent ten point lead over the team, and finished the game with an impressive 41 to 27. This past Friday the girls also had a massive win against Kennedy which they won with the close victory of 64

Jenn DaSilva: Woodland Student Goes Global

She stands in front of her church stage. Five year old Jenn Dasilva’s small hands are barely grasp the microphone. The traditional folk song, sung numerous times by children before her, would begin a chain of events that would change her life. Her eyes scan the ceiling; in this moment DaSilva has her first encounter

Hawks Take the Loss but Stand Together

Friday, November 26, marked the end of football season for the Woodland Hawks after losing an intense game against Seymour. The boys had a fantastic season, with the record of 7-3. Friday also marked the last game as a Woodland Hawk for fourteen players on the team as they graduate. Seniors leaving include Ben Ploski, Paul

Girls Get Tough for Powderpuff

Spirit Week has commenced. Woodland gathered on the football field to watch Junior and Senior girls participate in the annual Powder Puff game on November 18. The black team took the victory, as the four male cheerleads, Dylan Sender, Isaiah Cotto, Collin Blewitt, and Ian Romanski, pumped up the crowd. It was a successfully run

The Men Behind the Uniforms

Guy DiMichele, Army, Korean War “I traveled the world. I went to Africa, from Africa to England, England to Germany, Germany to France.  I remember, we were in the field in Germany, and a Jeep comes running across the camp. One of my men was a multimillionaire. Being married and having children, he was drafted

Five Horror Hits to Make Your Halloween

[su_box title=”Disclaimer” style=”soft” radius=”2″ class=”width: 200px;”]Hawk Headlines does not encourage the viewing of these films for an audience under 17 as they are rated R, not suitable for most students.[/su_box] You know those movies that leave you dashing up the stairs at night when you turn the lights off. When your home alone and you

Sean McAllen: Leading by Example

A Captain. A Senior. And now a Woodland Record Holder. It was a great night for the Hawks on Friday, October 2. After defeating Watertown forty to seven in the pouring rain, it was announced Sean McAllen had broken Jack DeBiase’s record of Most Rushing Yards in a Career of 3640. According to maxpreps.com, McAllen’s current

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