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January 23, 2018

Posts by: Julia Sweeney

Woodland Takes On Halo Awards

Throughout the school year, especially towards the end, students are recognized for the hard work they put into their academics, sports teams, and clubs. It was finally the Drama Club’s turn to be recognized for all of their hard work. The Woodland Drama Club attended the 2017 Halo Awards, an awards ceremony which highlights the

EXPOfest Awards

From the struggles of war to the struggles at home after war, a veteran’s life is not easy.  But, this often is not realized by many Americans who take their freedoms for granted. In their two documentaries, which won awards at the EXPOfest 2017, Isabella Fabrizi and Caitlyn Martin were able to bring these struggles

Woodland Spring Fine Arts Night

As over two million Americans serve in the U.S. military, it is important to honor those risking their lives for the safety and freedom of their fellow American citizens. This is especially true as Memorial Day draws closer and the memory of those who gave their lives for America is honored. At the spring fine

Woodland Presents: “Guys and Dolls”

Nathan Detroit, an avid crap game player, makes a bet with Sky Masterson that he can’t take the missionary “doll” Sarah Brown to Havana, Cuba with him, making the bet in order to get the money he needs to secure a location for his crap game.  Adelaide, Nathan’s fiance, complains that she and he have

Writing Center Will Serve as New Student Resource

Your lab report is due in three days.  You’ve finished typing it, but it doesn’t seem complete.  You’ve debated between rewriting the conclusion and changing your responses to the end-of-lab questions.  But, you can’t decide what to fix.  Stuck, you stumble upon the new writing center in the library.  Hoping for some help, you arrive

Ski Club Season Kicks off in 2017

The wind blows into your face as the trees on either side of the slope fly by you.  Your feet stay planted as your skis glide across the freshly fallen snow and you sway from left to right, dodging between fellow skiers as you descend the mountain.  You couldn’t be more happy than to be

Drama Club Presents “The Crucible”

“The Crucible”, a play written by Arthur Miller, details the Salem witch trials that occurred in Massachusetts between 1692 and 1693. During this historical event, more than 200 people were accused of witchcraft, or the Devil’s magic, and 20 were executed for it. Woodland Drama Club members have been busy preparing to enact the famous

Hauntings in Connecticut

The leaves have changed color and there is a crisp feeling in the air.  Halloween is drawing nearer by the day and costume ideas and candy fill the heads of children and teenagers alike.  But, festive costumes and traditions are not the only things on people’s minds this time of year.  Sooner than later, a

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