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November 18, 2017

Posts by: Caitlyn Martin

Madelyn Vallillo

“Gotcha Day is the day that an adopted child is chosen by their parents. On October 13, 2003 I was adopted in China after 10 months of being in an orphanage. My name before I was adopted was Chin Hua Jiang before my parents decided I was a Madelyn. My gotcha day means a lot

Woodland Football Flies into a New Season

  If you’re a Woodland Hawk, then you’ve probably dedicated at least one Friday night to the bleachers, sideline cheers, and that exhausting 4 minute walk from the parking lot up the hill to the football field. Supporting the football team might not be a tradition for everyone, but, when you go to a game,

Becca’s Closet Comes to Woodland

With prom season starting in a couple of months, teenagers everywhere are starting to plan for the night that is often the epitome of their high school career. Some girls look forward to the special night years before they even reach high school. The focus is mostly on the beautiful dresses, sparkly shoes, perfect hair

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