Math Team’s First Home Competition

The Woodland Math Team has been a huge hit ever since Monika Fryc, a math teacher here at Woodland, introduced it to her students. For the past few years, students of all math abilities have been joining to either boost their grade or improve their math skills. 

Usually, Woodland must travel to far away schools to compete, but on October 7th, that will all change. The schools attending will include Brookfield and Pomperaug, two of the smartest teams that compete.

“It’s exciting that Woodland is holding a competition at home,” says captain Vincent Zheng. “I believe that we can steal a nice win.”

Zheng is confident that the competition will go smoothly and successfully. Zheng and fellow captain Thomas Riffe are extremely excited to host Woodland’s first home competition of the year.

Each team will meet up in the cafeteria and snack until competition begins. There are two rounds in a math team competition: the individual round and the team round. During the individual round, competitors have 45 minutes to solve fifteen math questions. Each person will start with 70 points and gain two points for every correct answer and no points for incorrect answers. 

Afterwards, competitors divide into teams of five and must conquer the problems given to them. The winning school is decided on which team has accumulated the most points. The members go to competitions about one to two times per quarter and usually improve their scores over time. 

As the Woodland Math Team rolls into their first competition of the season, they hope to defeat the other schools, especially because they have home field advantage. 

“As captain of the Math Team, I am really excited because we have a lot of new recruits who are actually really intelligent, especially some of the freshmen,” says Zheng. “They blow my mind at how smart they really are.”