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Chris Decker Retires From Coaching Powderpuff After Five Year Winning Streak

Photo Credit: Camille Terrell

Bill Belichick, the successful coach of the New England Patriots, led his team to Super Bowl wins  XXXVI,XXXVIII, XXXIX, XLIX, and LI. Although this is highly impressive, many people would claim that Chris Decker’s five straight Powderpuff Championship win is much more thrilling.

“[I have] five consecutive victories in the powder puff game, which equals me with the legend, Bill Belichick,” Decker boasts. “Anytime you are in the same breath as that legendary coach; that we’re on equal ground.”

Powderpuff, where girls play football and boys try their luck at cheerleading, has been a Woodland tradition for as long as any student can remember. For the past four years Christopher Decker has led his female football team to victory, and this year was no exception.

Decker’s team, the Avengers, were able to pull out a win of 21-14, despite some difficulty. The biggest challenge was their defense, specifically against Haley Wolfanger.

“We were very nervous because it seemed like nobody can take the flag off of Haley,” Decker stated. “We thought maybe she had glued them on. But our girls were strong and resilient and they fought through and persevered.”

After being a successful coach for so many years, many people would fear the future and what it could bring. Decker, however, has no fears for the future. He knows that his success will only rise, despite the unfortunate circumstances.

“I want to officially announced my retirement from powder puff,” reveals Decker. “I feel like I have no place else to go. Nothing else to prove.”


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