The Benefits of Advisory

For 20 minutes a day, after third block, all Woodland students go to advisory and participate in group activities, such as: bowling, outdoor sports, and pizza parties. In an advisory group there are roughly ten to fifteen kids all in the same grade and their assigned advisor with an assigned room.

“For me, advisory is talking to people who I do not really talk to who, which is pretty cool. Advisory has made me talk to people I don’t usually talk to on an everyday basis,” said Emily Beyer, Woodland Sophomore.

The program is a great way to meet new people and become close with people in your grade who you might have never talked to before or ever really knew.

Overall, Beyer likes who is in her advisory and thinks they are nice. Advisory has taught Beyer that there are a lot of cool people in the world.

Brianna Barreria, Woodland Sophomore, has also become closer with the people in her advisory.

“Advisory has taught me how to be calm and patient with others,” said Barreira.

Advisory can teach everyone good lessons, give them excellent morals, and it can help to shape them into a better, more caring human being. Barreira cannot wait to become even closer and grow a better relationship with her advisory.  

Many advisories do fun activities to help build the relationship of the group. Beyer’s favorite part of advisory is when her advisor, Nancy Manning, brings in birthday desserts, like ice pops, donuts, and candy, for the students. Her advisory also gets to color and do puzzles. Barreira’s favorite part of advisory is to do group activities, because that is when they all talk to each other and get to know one another more.

Not every high school has advisory, so the students at Woodland Regional High School should be grateful to have it and take advantage of it by going and participating in it.