Hawkwings Take Flight Into The School Year

If you’re looking to spread a little kindness throughout Woodland, consider joining Hawkwings. With the help from Christopher Decker, Hawkwings advisor, the club plans on spreading kindness throughout Woodland by organizing events around the school year.  Some of these events include visiting Long River Middle School, Jeans for Troops, and Chains for Change.

Natalie Miranda, president of Hawkwings, is promoting kindness around Woodland by increasing Hawkwing membership and participation in a number of sponsored activities. Miranda, who has held the presidency of Hawkwings since this past May, joined Hawkwing’s in order to make Woodland a kind and caring environment for learning.

“Hawkwing’s works on promoting kindness around Woodland, making Woodland a great and happy environment.”

But they don’t only affect Woodland culture. Hawkwings helps benefit the community.

The Long River Middle School trip takes place in the beginning of November. The members will  interact with the eighth grade class to show that Woodland is a great and kind place. The trip also includes a video which is created by Hawkwings members. The main goal of the event is help students make the transition from middle to high school go better.

Jeans for troops is another event Hawkwings plans. On this day, students can donate money and then receive a sticker for the donation. Teachers who donate are able to wear jeans for that school day. The proceeds from the event will go towards Veterans who want to finish their education.

Chains for change is a weeklong schoolwide event run by Hawkwings. Students are encouraged to write kind messages on construction paper; these messages are then connected by the Hawkwing’s members  in links and hung around Woodland. The main goal for this event is to promote kindness throughout Woodland’s halls.

Miranda describes the club’s mission for this year by expanding the club with new members, getting more support in our activities and making Hawkwings known around Woodland. The group will also  continue to make progress throughout this year by increasing membership and participation in the sponsored events for this upcoming year.

The club meets after school every second and third Thursday of the month in room #207. New and returning members are welcome.