The Double Standard of Co-Ed Sports

By Jullie DaSilva and Kyle Taraskewich

Women can now vote, they can work, they can fight in the army, they can raise children. As decades pass, women continue to gain more rights and become more equal to men. With this being said, is there a reason why girls are allowed to be a part of a boy’s sports team and boys are not allowed to be on girl’s sports teams?

According to the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference, “Girls are permitted to participate on either a boy’s or girl’s team in a given sport but not on both in the same school year but, boys cannot participate on girls teams.”

If women are now allowed to fight in the army with men shouldn’t they be allowed to be on a boys team and compete against them?

Brian Fell, Woodland Regional High School’s Athletic Director, said that boys are not allowed on a girls team because it would be unfair and considered an advantage for the girls that had boys on their team.

Some people may think that men are naturally stronger than women, but others beg to differ. A lot of women, if given the opportunity, would be strong enough to compete against men.