Best Buddies Continues Life-changing Tradition

Continuing the tradition of creating new friendships, Best Buddies has touched lives in its two years of existence.  With friendships, relationships, and bonds that will not be broken, it is more than just a club; it is a life changing experience.

Woodland Best Buddies is planning several events that will aid in increasing participation.  So far, they already planned Best Buddies Prom, a wreath making activity, and a friendship walk.  And that is only the beginning.

Best Buddies club has proven to be a favorite to many of the students at Woodland, including Samantha Nuss.  According to Nuss, Best Buddies club is extremely special.

“It [Best Buddies] is inspiring because it creates friendships with people with and without disabilities,” said Nuss.  “It makes them feel so special and it changes lives just through new friendships.”

Best Buddies is an aspiring club, and not many people truly understand its importance; many of the buddies make sure they recommend it to their friends, including Ashley Dotson.

“If someone is going through a hard time, and they are looking for new friendships, then Best Buddies is perfect for them,”  Dotson explains.

Through this program, many students are creating new and inseparable bonds. They are creating relationships with people they would not usually talk to.  To others, it is just another friendship being made, but the bond that is made is unlike any other.  Christina MacSweeney, Best Buddies advisor, agrees.

“What we want is for everyone to interact with the buddies and make it an everyday thing,” MacSweeney explains. “It [Best Buddies] is a wonderful program, it has showed things not thought possible, it has also built a social circle.  It has truly come a long way.”