Class of 2017: Fundraising Froyo

Fall is rolling in quickly and this one last sunny weekend may be your final chance to cool down with some delicious frozen yogurt while helping out Woodland’s class of 2017.

On this Saturday, September 27th, the sophomore class is holding a fundraiser at PeachWave. PeachWave is quickly becoming one of the world leaders in the frozen yogurt industry and is many people’s summer time favorite treat. With dozen of flavors and toppings, this PeachWave fundraiser is something you just can not miss.

The idea of the fundraiser was brought up by Alyssa Varesio during a brainstorming session with the sophomore class advisors. Varesio had already known the owner of the shop. She requested the fundraiser on a whim and it was granted. The class of 2017 will receive twenty percent of the proceeds. Melissa Barbero, one of the classes’ two advisors, explains that all the fundraisers held benefit each student individually.

The employees from PeachWave initial all receipts and the students then submit the receipt to receive the discount. The class advisors wanted to be sure the students benefited independently as well. Each student receives ten percent off their dues and the other ten perfect is put into the class of 2017’s treasury.

Barbero and the other members of the classes’ advisory are very aware of the expenses that students pay through their four years at Woodland. The team is working to help lower expenses as much as possible. They have created payment plans for each student and have a plan for several more food, clothing and flower fundraisers in the future.

Not only is this fundraiser helpful to the class of 2017, but PeachWave interests students through out the entire school.

“Although this is our first time partnering up with a big business, we aren’t putting a lot of pressure on our kids. We aren’t in dire need of money. This is just a way to get a jump-start on lowering their dues, and to have that extra bonus in our treasury,” explains Barbero.

This is a fundraiser than cannot be missed. On one of the last warm weekends of the year bring your friends and family to 3670 Main St Waterbury, and help out the class of 2017.