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What to Do This Week: Read The Fault in Our Stars

In the words of Hazel Lancaster, the main character of The Fault in Our Stars, cancer books suck.

And I have to agree with that. No matter how amazing a book is, the minute the word cancer comes up it automatically sucks.

That’s why the #1 New York Times bestseller The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is honestly the best horrible book I have ever read.

Hazel Lancaster is sixteen and has cancer. Throughout the novel, she makes it very clear that she is dying. Her rare form of cancer causes her lungs to “suck at being lungs.”

She has accepted the fact that her cancer will kill her, and this makes her brutally honest about the illness.

Hazel is content to spend the rest of her time at home watching America’s Next Top Model, but her parents think otherwise. They think that Hazel needs to actually live her life, which is why they make her join a support group for kids with cancer.

It is at this support group that she meets Augustus Waters: a gorgeous, intelligent cancer survivor.

Hazel’s life suddenly becomes more twisted then ever before, as she falls head over heels in love with Augustus Waters.

With her new relationship also comes an experience that Hazel never thought she would be able to have. She goes out, makes friends, and for the first time in years actually lives her life.

The Fault in Our Stars is a must read. You will laugh, cry, laugh while you cry and by the time you finish this book you will be ultimately inspired.

I suggest that this week, you get your hands on a copy of The Fault in Our Stars and settle down with a box of tissues for a few hours, because once you start reading this book it will be impossible to put down. It will be the best horrible book you have ever read.

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