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Chatroulette is a new craze for what seems like people of all ages. It is a game that requires the use of a webcam. The site lets you meet random people from all over the world. In order to use this site you have to be 16 and older, but that is not taken into consideration seeing as you do not need to sign up to play.

Playing this game is simple. You just need to have an accessible webcam hooked up to your computer, go to and press play. There are 3 buttons on top, next: which allows you to view a different person, pause: which allows you to take a break from viewing another person’s webcam as needed and report: which is to use if a person breaks the rules of the website. The three rules are, you have to be 16 and up and nudity is not allowed. You can  report users that defy these rules. From my experience there are certainly people on there that break those rules.

The horrific truth is that there are old men, people who try to hide their identity and nudity displayed on almost every other person’s webcam. Not only can users see each other through the webcam, but they can also chat with an instant messenger right on the website.

Since this website is so dangerous, the most important things are to never give out any real information and use it with caution.

Sophomore, Alyssa Stewart said she started using this website about a month ago and her first impression was that the site was sketchy. She states,” I think it’s entertaining, but weird.”

Here is an brief account of a conversation that I had while testing out the website:

Person: I was waiting for someone beautiful
Me: I can’t even see your face lol
Person: Its because I’m famous
Person: I’ve seen nothing but nudity and lonely men
Me: Haha just don’t be shy lol
Person: its a scary world out there
Me: Yeah I was grossed out with people lol
Person:You must have been asked to show your body parts like what….5 times a second?
Me: haha people don’t really bother me but i am gonna go.

To top off my horrific experience on ChatRoulette as I hit the next button, my next webcam “friend” told me he liked my feet, hence ChatRoulette is full of what I would call creeps.

Chatroulette is one of the newest websites that might seem entertaining to some, but should be used with caution as they never know what they might see through their opponents webcam when they press play.

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Brandon Baeder
Brandon Baeder

I think chatroulete is really pointless, it is not good for teenagers, i find this to be very inappropriate. it’s very degrading in my opinon

Nikia Halim
Nikia Halim

I went on this game thing once and i only met like 2 normal people that just wanted to talk. I agree it is full of creeps and inappropriate.

chris savvidou
chris savvidou

HEYY is savvy sizzle. i love chat roullete. <3333333333333333333333

The one they call BoLaT

i went on this chatroom thing once before and it was really disgusting. i got matched up with 45 year old men doing very inapropriate things…….dislike

holla at ya boy master chief

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