UPDATED@2:00pm :: Spirit Week Contest – It’s All Over

Congratulations to the Class of 2010 for an overwhelming victory!

Loudest class: Seniors: 40 points, Juniors: 30 points, Sophomores: 20 points, Freshmen: 10 points

The Senior class screamed and shouted their way to victory in the screaming portion of the Pep Rally. After the freshmen and sophomores caused many an observer to cover their ears, the Juniors and Seniors showed them up with ear-shattering, ground-shaking explosions of spirit. When the decibel meter was consulted, the Juniors and Seniors were tied and the competition went into a tiebreaker. In the end, the enthusiastic and ever-noisy Seniors took first place.

Soph/Frosh Three-legged Race: Sophomores: 40 points, Freshmen: 20 points

The three-legged race took an unexpected but highly entertaining turn this year when the freshman runners suddenly tripped and faceplanted into the mats. Fortunately, no one was hurt, and the race went to the Sophomores.

Sr/Jr Tug-of-War: Seniors: 40 points, Juniors: 20 points

The Seniors placed first in what was quite possibly the most anticipated event of Spirit Week: the tug-of-war. After a few heart-pounding seconds of stalemate, the Seniors slowly began to pull their counterparts across the mat. Amidst the thunderous roar of the two classes, the Seniors managed to thwart the Juniors’ efforts and claim victory.

Black and Gold: Seniors: 40 points, Juniors: 30 points, Sophomores: 10 points, Freshmen: 20 points

The results for the black and gold competition were neck-in-neck for all four grades. The school showed their school spirit with a sea of black and gold. After painstakingly counting the students wearing the school colors in each grade, the judges concluded that the Seniors won, followed closely by the Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen, respectively.

Class Sign Decoration:  Juniors: 20 points, Sophomores: 15 points, Freshmen: 10 points, Seniors: 5 points

One of the newest additions to the Pep Rally this year, the sign decoration contest seemed to be a hit with all classes. The Freshmen and Sophomores took a more conservative approach to their signs, choosing to run with simple black and gold color schemes. On the opposite side of the gym, however, the Juniors and Seniors went all out on their signs, using unconventional methods to dazzle the judges.   Unfortunately, the Seniors were disqualified for misinterpretation of the rules and modified the signage beyond the requirements.

Canned Food Drive: Seniors: 40 points, Juniors: 30 points, Sophomores: 20 points, Freshmen: 10 points

The Class of 2010 took the top spot in the Canned Food Drive by a landslide. With a whopping 1,359 cans, the Seniors collected more than twice the amount of cans than the other three classes combined. The Juniors took second place with a strong showing of 395 cans. The sophomores and freshmen simply couldn’t keep up with the upperclassmen, collecting only 27 and 3 cans, respectively.

Dressing the Part: Juniors: 40 points, Seniors: 30 points, Sophomores: 20 points, Freshman: 10 points

Bebopping and sock-hopping their way to the beat, the Juniors outscored the day-glo and skinny-tie wearing Seniors for top dress-up honors.  The Seventies made a comeback for the Sophomores who were decked out in their tie-dye, disco-mania ensembles.  The freshman, so strong in the hall contest, struggled with getting enough gangsters and flappers dressed for the competition.

Hallway Decorating: Seniors: 80 points; Freshman: 60 points; Sophomore: 40 points; Juniors: 20 points

The votes came in and the results are posted.  After an initial total points tie for first place between the Seniors and the Freshman, the tie was broken by secret “Judge’s Favorite” ballot.  With the homage to the 80s and Michael Jackson, the Senior class might have had just enough “pop” to rise above the unprecedented Freshman class, who scored the highest hallway decorating score ever for a freshman class.  The Juniors and Sophomores fought for the last points with theme and creativity being the deciding factors.

Volleyball Results: Juniors: 40 points; Seniors: 30 points; Freshman: 20 points: Sophomores: 10 points

After two tightly contested opening rounds, the Seniors bested the Freshman and the Juniors topped the Sophomores, and both upperclassmen teams moved to the Spirit Championship round.  In the consolation match, the Frosh showed heart–and heartlessness–as they dominated the Sophomores and scored a third place finish.  In the Championship game, the score flip-flopped between sides with Lembo leading the way with kills and Duby serving points for the Seniors, while Mike Krawkowski made the difference for the Juniors as he led his team to the first annual Spirit Championship win.

Dress Up Results: Seniors: 40 points; Juniors: 30 points; Sophomores: 20 points; Freshman: 10 points

The Seniors, sporting their soon-to-be-a-reality “dorm life” attire, bested the Juniors who gave a nod to the elderly and their 50th school reunion.  The Sophomores and Freshman were separated by only a few points, with the Sophomores getting a few more people to dress up and score the win.

Current Standings

1st: Seniors: 340 points

2nd: Juniors: 260 points

3rd: Sophomores:  195 points

4th: Freshmen: 170 points

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