Student Section more Important than they think

Animosity towards the jungle, Pomperaug High school’s student section, had been building up the week before the game. With Woodland Regional High School (WRHS) receiving so much hype from the game against Naugatuck High School, the jungle felt it necessary to “Bleed the black.”

Twitter accounts were raging back and forth all week about the fan base of the schools. The two different school’s accounts were bragging about which student section would be bigger and better for the football game on Friday the 18th. Pomperaug’s student section is known as “The Jungle”, so Woodland began calling their student section “Agent Orange”, which is a chemical that was used in the Vietnam war to rapidly burn the jungle.

“In total, there were like 200 maybe 300 fans that came out. For the student section there were about 50 students,” said senior football player, Alik Bures.

In order to bring fans to Pomperaug, WRHS had a fan bus drive students to and from the game so that more kids were able to go out and support the team. The more students, the more noise they make, and as a result the football team seems to get pumped up.

“You guys don’t think you’re loud but you’re really loud on the field,” said, Taylor Tucciarone. “Fans make a big difference, without them its really hard actually because you have the other team’s fans cheering at you. And you have no one really on your side, except your team.”

According to the seniors on the football team fans make more of a difference than they realize.

“Fans come into clutch during big games,” said Bures.

Friday October 25th is the next football game against Sacred Heart High School. All students are encouraged to go and support the team as they attempt to carry on undefeated through the league.