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The Little Hawk

Charlie Mishler, known as “Little Hawk” or “Cha-Cha”, is an entity of her own. The fifth grader has been creating an eruption in the stands. She is seen at almost every volleyball game waving her hand-crafted hawk wings, Charlie is the girls volleyball team’s number one fan.

Mishler has been cheering the Hawks on ever since her sister, sophomore setter Hannah Mishler, stepped foot on the court. As the little sister, she tags along every evening to cheer on the junior varsity and varsity floor. 

“I do it for everyone. I’ll be here for the rest of the season,” said Charlie

The parents and the team adore Charlie as she consistently lightens the mood and puts a smile on everyone’s face. Being a fifth grader isn’t easy, but Charlie always puts time aside to come out and support the team. 

Charlie gets just as amped up as the rest of the fans. During the Seymour versus Woodland match on November 14th, Charlie could be seen having a “roast battle” with the Seymour Wildcat mascot. She is a force to be reckoned with.

Just like the rest of the volleyball team, Charlie loves the game. She finds the game most exciting when,

“ [The volleyball team] dive, even when the ball is so close to the ground like a dig,” said Charlie. “Also when Julia [Dommel] serves or Ava [Bianchini] and Lindsay [Koliani] spike.”

She herself hopes to one day perform the skills she finds exhilarating to watch. Although it will be another four years until she reaches high school, Mishler hopes to be a hitter for the Woodland Volleyball team.

Until then, parents, spectators, and the players can be sure that their favorite elementary schooler with wings will be by their side until the end. 

Julia Dommel

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