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Artist Spotlight: Luke Cybulski

Luke Cybulski has been playing guitar for twelve years now and his skill shows. He recently won the Battle of the Guitarists at Woodland, getting a better score than his 2nd place finish last year.

“It felt great. I got redemption,” said Cybulski

Cybulski takes a lot of inspiration from John Mayer and Eddie Van Halen’s playstyles.

“I’ve listened to them play many times and I love how each of them play. They both have different complex styles and I try my best to mirror them,” said Cybulski

His winning song, Everlong by Foo Fighters is his favorite to play.

“It’s such a powerful song about coming back from a tough adversity that you face.”

When Cybulski was starting out playing guitar, he was mostly playing rock music. As he has developed he now plays Jazz and Blues.

Although he is skilled at guitar, it is not the only instrument Cybulski plays. He plays piano as well, and is extremely talented.

“I started playing piano not knowing what I was getting into, but I was skilled enough to play some songs then I just kept going, and now I can play many different songs from different genres,” said Cybulski

Cybulski is still learning, but he hopes to keep learning and continue shredding his guitar.

Matthew Petta

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