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Athlete Spotlight: Johnny Sizer

Being named captain of a team is a very big accomplishment. Junior Johnny Sizer has the privilege of being named captain of the boys soccer team for the 2022 season. An amazing leader on the field Sizer gives the boys directions to lead the game and help out.

Sizer has been playing soccer since he was five years old. His dad inspired him to play soccer. Throughout his whole soccer career he has played center back. Sizer has played on many different teams: rec, travel, Cobra Premier, Dynamo Premier, Ginga FC, and now for CT Rush. All of these teams have always kept him busy in the off season. He is still on the fence about what his plans are for college and the future.

“I’m still undecided about playing in college but I would love the opportunity to,” Sizer says.

Sizer’s pregame ritual includes putting one sweat band on his left wrist, and he always leaves his cleats unlaced until the game starts. Sizer has always had a lot of fun with the sport whether it was playing in the backyard or on the field next to his teammates, Sizer has loved soccer every moment of his career.

“Stick with it and you’ll get better with practice. When you’re improving everyday you can see how much fun soccer is,” Sizer said.

So to the younger players out there, take it from someone who has played their entire life, remember Sizer’s advice, soccer is truly an amazing sport, never give up.

Colby Sizer

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