Hawk Athletics Come Together

Athletes at Woodland Regional High School are taking the meaning of #Hawkpride to another level.

Starting this week, Head football coach at Woodland Regional School,Timothy Phipps modified the team’s schedule, cutting down practice time to conserve the players’ strength and energy. Because of this change, Phipps encourages his players to take this opportunity to attend the sporting events of fellow Woodland teams. He has listed the other team’s sporting events on football’s itinerary, giving his team options to attend these games.

“When we take the field, we’re not taking the field just as a football team- we’re representing the high school,” said Phipps.

Phipps hopes this change will improve the relationships between the athletes at Woodland. Phipps thinks that his team can learn from the other teams by watching how they work together.

“I think everyone can learn something from everyone else,” said Phipps.

Phipps hopes his team will put in the time to support the other sports.

Football is not the only sport taking an initiative. Volleyball and soccer are supporting each other now that both their seasons are beginning to come to a close.

Several members of the Woodland volleyball team attended the girl’s soccer NVL semifinal game  against Oxford, on October 27, where the team won 3-0. Carla Piccolo, member of the Woodland volleyball team recognizes the importance of supporting the other teams.

“We like having fans to support us when we play, so we return the favor by attending their games when we can,” said Piccolo.

Soccer team captain Alexa Casmiro and several other members of the soccer team will be attending the volleyball team’s NVL semifinal game tonight  where they will play Torrington.

Athletes at Woodland are making their best effort to attend their fellow teammates’ sporting event and this level of encouragement being shown at Woodland has helped to improve the school spirit and relationships between athletes as well.