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Senior Scholarships at Woodland

As seniors eagerly wait for their remaining college decisions, they are invited to participate in the Woodland Scholarship Program. This opportunity allows them to fill out multiple scholarships for review by a variety of school- and community-based committees. 

While many of the students are thankful for this opportunity, there seems to be a consensus among the senior class regarding the amount of time they were given to complete the application. Applications opened on February 14th and were due by March 6th giving students less than a month to complete up to twenty-four scholarship applications. 

“I am trying to apply for the max that I can, and I feel as if three weeks is not enough time to write 24 essays,” said senior Abby Bunk. “On top of my challenging coursework, I have needed to further adjust my schedule to compensate for the extra time that I need to complete these scholarships.”

Along with wanting more time, seniors, specifically those who reside in Prospect, wish there were more scholarships for which to apply. Many scholarships are targeted towards Beacon Falls students. Prospect students wish there was a more equal amount. 

“I am really grateful that the school has given us this opportunity,” said senior Ava Muharem. “I just wish there was a more equal amount between Prospect and Beacon Falls so that I could have the same opportunity as some of my classmates.”  

Most students are applying to anywhere from 10 to the max of 24 scholarships. In addition to the already extensive application process, many of the scholarships require additional essays. Some seniors have written over eight for the application. 

“I have written nine essays for the scholarship application,” said Muharem. 

To improve the scholarship application process, seniors think it would be better if they had more time. Most of the time students spent completing the application was due to the amount of individual scholarship essays that had to be written. Seniors suggest that the essays be condensed into only a couple as many of the writing prompts are on very similar topics. 

“A lot of the essays are very similar but have slight differences,” said senior Sophie Scarlato. “I think they should have done one collective essay as a whole, almost like college applications.” 

Now despite some complaints, overall, seniors have expressed a deep appreciation for this scholarship program. 

“I am very appreciative of this opportunity,” said Scarlato. “Any aid that I receive is less that I have to pay for school.”

Emma Swanson

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