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Throwback to Woodland’s MIT Splash Event

Coming this November, Woodland “mathletes” will be competing in the annual MIT Splash Event. Located in Boston, Massachusetts, the MIT Splash event is a yearly event for students across the nation. Woodland Math and Science National Honors Societies are hosting the event taking place November 18th and 19th. 

“Splash is basically an event at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where current MIT students teach unusual classes covering all different topics,” said Nate Messina, Math Honor Society President. “These range from philosophy to the physics of beyblades.”

Messina is leading the charge on the math side of the event. He looks forward to the event because he is excited to see the accomplishments that the team can achieve.

“Math and science honors society members are trying to experience something new,” said Messina. “After not going to Splash last year, we are just going out of our comfort zone and have a great time.”

Leading up to the event, all attending members, including Messina, need a couple of requirements before they attend the event.

“There isn’t too much that I have to do compared to everyone else. We basically all just register for our classes that we want to take that day.”

While attending this event, members of both societies will be taught by overachieving students at the university.

“I don’t quite know what activities I’m gonna do yet but once the end of October comes, I’m gonna be quick with choosing,” said Messina. “If lightsaber battles are an option, I choose that.”

Chase Starzman

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