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Kelmend Pacuku Alumni Feature

After receiving his Woodland diploma in 2018, Kelmend Pacuku has been working non-stop to achieve a successful future.

“I got my undergraduate degree at Central Connecticut State University and I am currently getting my masters at Western Connecticut State University,” explained Pacuku.

Through his undergrad education, Pacuku earned a degree in communications and sociology. Since graduating from Woodland, he knew that this degree would be used to pursue his dream career: school counseling.

While working towards his masters degree, Pacuku has taken the position of the full-time building substitute at Long River Middle School.

“My favorite part of working at Long River is definitely just seeing the kids. I eventually want a job as a school counselor so I can help people and make a positive difference in their lives,” said Pacuku.

Pacuku understands that by working as a building substitute, when it comes time for him to be a counselor, he will have a better time understanding the students and knowing how to deal with different situations.

While on his path to education, Pacuku reflects on his time at Woodland saying that, “I learned how to deal with everyday life, work on my time management, communication skills, and getting to know all kinds of people.”

He especially wants to thank Sra. Allegrini, who taught him how important it is to never give up when you are really passionate about something.

While Pacuku is constantly dealing with the stress of getting an education and beginning the road to becoming a counselor, he takes the time to acknowledge the most important lesson he has learned so far.

“Life is too short, so don’t give up, just keep trying. Even if you fail, it’s okay, keep trying.”

Ava Muharem

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