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Captain Feature – Robert Gugliotti

Robert Gugliotti, senior swimmer, has shown consistent dedication and perseverance to the boys swim team, and is why he was selected as captain of the boys team for 2023-2024 season. Regardless of the position, Gugliotti continues to push the team to reach new standards in hopes for an amazing season.

Gugliotti started swimming from a young age, taking his first laps in sixth grade for the Long River Wildcats. Since then he has improved tremendously and has become an important piece of Woodland’s boys team. He is a piece to the puzzle that is immovable.

“I’ve been surrounded by the sport since I was young. My oldest cousin was a diver for Woodland and occasionally I’d go to one of those meets. Then, in the future my sister became a swimmer for Woodland and it became normal for me to be in the bleachers,” said Gugliotti. “I eventually knew I wanted to join, so in my first middle school year, that’s what I did. My sister tried teaching me but it’s difficult to teach an elementary kid how to swim so she didn’t get far. After I joined swimming in middle school, I continued to where I am now.”

As captain is a big role, and has bigger shoes and responsibilities to fill, Gugliotti has expressed his goals as what he hopes to accomplish as captain of the boys swim team.

“My personal goals as captain are to check in with people that may be struggling mentally or anyone that is losing motivation to get them back on track quickly. Making sure everyone is doing well is very important to doing well in practice and in a season as a team.”

As Gugliotti looks to the future of his life, and a career, he looks for the possibility of swimming in college. Though he has a choice to make, as he is a multi-sport athlete and is not only good at swimming, but also a great track athlete.

“I’m not sure if I want to swim in college or not. Choosing between running and swimming is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. I think I’m leaning more towards track, but it depends on where I decide to go to school.”

Now that the Boys Swim and Dive Team is a three meets in, most of them have set their eyes on the prize of three petting NVL and winning their first ever state championship.

“This year as a team, I’m expecting to get pretty far. I think we have a good enough team to win NVLS and even a chance to do very well in the state meet. Ultimately, I want us to be the first boys swim team to get a state ring, but for now we have to put in the work to get there.


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