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Journalism’s National Honor Society: Quill and Scroll

The Quill and Scroll International Journalism Honor Society recognizes outstanding journalism students at Woodland Regional High School. As a society, their mission is to strengthen the presence and understanding of journalism. “Journalism is the uncovering of truth and dissemination of information,” said James Amato, journalism teacher at Woodland. 

Being a member of this society comes with great benefits. It gives students the, “ability to advance the journalistic experience throughout the region,” said Amato. Serving as a testament to the amount of journalistic ventures the student has taken. The requirements to be invited to this society are as follows: at least 2,500 points in the program at Woodland and a minimum of 3,000 points to be accepted.  Students must be a sophomore or older and maintain a B average in all their classes. Lastly, students must demonstrate leadership within and outside of journalism.

Most honor societies at Woodland host induction ceremonies at the end of the school year. But, because most students start journalism their freshman or sophomore year, they usually reach the threshold for induction sooner. Amato plans to hold an induction ceremony mid-year, towards the end of January. 

The Quill and Scroll International Journalism Honor Society is scheduled to meet at least once a month, but according to Amato, they “utilize Wednesday journalism meetings to convene as well.” 

As with most honor societies, a cord symbolizing their accomplishment of induction is given out upon the students graduation. This honor society is no different, offering a navy blue and yellow cord for members in good standing by the end of their senior year.

Shakira Islam

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