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Surviving Midterms

Midterms are one of the busiest times of year for the Woodland community. The media center fills with studying students, and teachers are working profusely on creating study guides. This rigorous time of exam-taking can be a mental and physical challenge for students, as well as time-consuming. But, it doesn’t have to be so harsh on students when it comes to mental health.

Preparations for midterms are considered dreaded for students and staff. School work is more difficult and free time becomes study time; the pile of work seems never ending. A student’s brain is forced to relearn all of the information it had once consumed, but then forgotten once the quiz was over. Stress is also at its max during this time of test taking.

In order to relieve these stressors, the WRHS PTO has organized Midterm Survival Kits for students. A kit can be purchased for five dollars using the link in Schoology. The kit includes water and snacks that students can eat in between tests for a little “pick-me-up”. Also included is a personalized note which encourages and gives students an extra boost of motivation during the midterm exams. Sophomore Rebekkah Lawton, has been buying a survival kit every year for the midterms.

“I love the snacks that they put in the kit,” says Lawton “The inspirational note really helped me during the tests also.”

Even if a survival kit does not play a huge role in students’ preparations for midterms, a kit can give students a sense of relaxation to truly “survive” the midterms. Sometimes a little and kind gesture can go a long way.

Emma DeGeorge

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