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Girls Soccer Keeping the Legacy

Girls Soccer Keeping The Legacy For the past two seasons, the Woodland Regional Girls Soccer Team has worked hard, as back-to-back NVL championships. Now that soccer season has started again, the NVL title is up for grabs. The girls are determined to make it their own.

As of this season the girls record is very impressive (9-0-2). Looking to keep the losses at a minimum, the team must acknowledge any challenges still to come.

“I think that having new players play new roles is going to be one of the more challenging things we have to deal with this season,” said varsity coach, Cait Witham. “I think that the other thing is going to be not underestimating our opponents.”

New freshmen and other student-athletes are having opportunities to play new positions and find where they play best. Witham hopes that allowing the girls to practice a variety of positions will strengthen their skills on the field. A dynamic team is essential to a successful future.

“I would like for us to make it to the finals again, to have a chance to try to defend our title, but I think the biggest goal I have is for us to make it farther in states this year than we have in the previous years.”

Ashley Litke

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