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The No Mask Masquerade

On Friday November 17th, the Woodland Regional High School homecoming dance is taking place. The Student Government put out many different themes for students to vote on such as Disco, Under the Sea, Fantasy, and Masquerade. After the vote closed, the masquerade theme was chosen. When thinking about the theme, people would assume that masks would be allowed to go with the theme. Unfortunately, they are not allowed at the homecoming dance.

“The masks are not allowed because we have to be able to identify the students,” says vice principal Dr. Mulligan “If they are masked we won’t be able to identify them.”

Students are a little confused about why this decision was made.

“I don’t mind not being able to wear masks to homecoming,” says sophomore Emma DeGeorge. “But I think it would have been a fun addition to the dance.”

Students still think that the dance will still be lively and a night to remember.

Clara Sweetland

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