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Noah Kahan: “We’ll All Be Here Forever”

Noah Kahan has risen quickly to fame on Tik Tok. People alike all across New England and the country have fallen in love with his sweet voice and smooth folk tone. His lyrics resonate with all of his listeners. Not to mention his looks, that scraggly beard and long hair makes girls go crazy.

Kahan recently re-released his album ‘Stick Season’ with an addition of seven new songs, and even some crazy features like Lizzy McApline, and the one and only Post Malone. So think about how much you hate New England weather, and take note, Kahans new album should not be ignored.

Born and raised in Vermont, and now a Watertown, Massachusetts resident, Kahan has been a singer and songwriter for years. When his songs Stick Season and Homesick shot up the charts on Tik Tok, his name became more well-known. Whether he’s singing about Alger Brook Road, or not taking his medication, Kahan’s songs are instant hits.

My personal favorite is the nineteenth track on the album, ‘Call Your Mom’ Kahan opens the ballad with a statement, “Oh you’re spiraling again…” and then later goes on to say ‘Don’t you cancel any plans /I won’t let you get the chance/ to never make them,” A hint as to what the song is going to be about.

In truth, the song in full is written from the perspective of an onlooker of someone’s life.

The person is watching their loved one spiral into sadness and deep despair that, is assumed, to eventually lead to harming themselves. Kahan promises the ‘person’ that he will be there for them whenever, or wherever. He would even call their mom.

I think what makes this song so beautiful is the bridge; “Don’t let this darkness fool you/ all lights turned off can be turned on.” Kahan is telling the listener that despite this darkness you are feeling, there is always light that can be found. He as a singer is reminding people that they are not alone, and he has been there before, a sentiment that many people need to hear.

Immediately following this tear jerker, is track twenty, ‘You’re Going To Go Far’ a song that can resonate with any person who is feeling tied to their community. The song paints the picture of someone struggling to leave their hometown, and Kahan a supportive figure, telling them to go.

As a Senior currently, struggling to wrap my head around whether I want to go out of state for college or stay home with family, the lyrics strike a different chord.

About a minute into the song, Kahan speaks directly to the listener, “So pack up your car/ put a hand to your heart/ say whatever you feel/ be wherever you are.” Telling the listener to get out of their head and follow their heart.

He then leads into, “The birds still sing/ your folks still fight/ The boards still creek/ the leaves will still die. We ain’t angry at you, love/ we’ll be waiting for you, love.” Reminding us that, even if you leave things will stay the same as they were before.

Fear of change can be the sole reason someone is avoiding leaving. The song is in my top four of the new tracks because of exactly what he is saying. When struggling with my options of where to go, whether I want to leave and go out of state, or stay and be close to home. This song reminds me that there is no change that I should worry about.

My third favorite new track has got to be ‘Dial Drunk’. The song is told from the perspective of a man suffering from a broken heart, being thrown into the back of a cop car after a drunken mishap in a bar fight. He begs the arresting officer for a call to a former girlfriend, pleading his allegiance to the badge. In the end she doesn’t end up picking up the phone leaving him, a disheveled mess spending the night in jail.

This song is different from the ones I just listed, not only because of the symbolizing but the beat itself. The song features a slew of instruments not featured in some of his other songs. And not just his other songs, songs that are being written and produced right now. The banjo is not something you hear in songs nowadays. But in ‘Dial Drunk’ the instrument is one of the main components. The inclusion of a banjo provides a raunchy and fast beat to the background of the song, which solidifies that although the meaning is deep and personal, the instruments provide an unforgettable tune that is sure to be stuck in your head.

‘Stick Season’ is an unforgettable album that signifies the new wave of folk-pop that has already gotten young listeners hooked. Whether it be your fear of change, need for a person of comfort, or your genuine hatred of small town living, Kahan has music just for you, both new and old. If you need a feeling of understanding, he is the singer for you.

Abby Hannus

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