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Captain Feature – Luke Galasso

Whether it’s throwing axes or participating in the team’s many competitions. Luke Galasso, senior at Woodland Regional High School, has been part of the school’s Timber Team since the first few weeks of his freshman year.

“I get to lead the team, make sure everyone participates, while making sure word gets spread about the team,” said Galasso.

Part of his duties as a captain is making sure other students know about activities happening surrounding the team, such as upcoming competitions at fairs, and other ways for new students to get involved.

Galasso enjoys reminding the team to stay safe, as the equipment they use can be dangerous.

“We deal with saws and sharp blades, so it can be dangerous. Be cautious of your surroundings.”

Galasso enjoys teaching his teammates how to properly set up equipment.

“Setting up equipment can be tough because it has to be precise; we could mess up what we are using.”

Timber Team is a unique sport, but that’s not to say it doesn’t create memories that will last a lifetime.

“In my junior year last fall, at our third competition, we won for the first time.”

That memory is sure to last a lifetime, not just for the captains, but for the entire team.

Whether it be throwing axes or sawing logs. Galasso leads the team into competitions and even in practice.

Abby Hannus

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