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For All The Dogs: Student Reviews

On October 6th, Drake, a world famous rapper, released one of his most controversial albums of his career, For All The Dogs. The album was released two weeks later than it was originally planned. The attention it gained from being released late, caused it to gain over 100 millions views in the first couple of opening days. Not only are Drake enthusiasts talking about it, but also Woodland students.

Abby Hannus, well known senior, has expressed her thoughts on the new Drake album. She believes that the album is good and that there were only a couple songs that were ok.

“Definitely not my favorite Drake album, but it was definitely really good. But I think he waited too long to release it because he got me all hyped up for it, and after listening to it I wasn’t,” said Hannus. “I rate it a seven out of ten because there are some good and some bad songs on the album.”

Another well known senior, Robert Guglotti, spoke out about his thoughts on the album, and how much he disliked it.

“I don’t like it; I think it is pretty bad. I don’t really like Drake, but I do like some of his music and albums. But this album was just not there, and it didn’t live up to my expectations,” said Guglotti. “I think the album has a couple of good songs, but other than that I’d rate it a five out of ten.”

Molly Sweet, Drake enthusiast, has excitedly conveyed her opinions of the new Drake album, For All The Dogs.

“The new Drake album was good, but it didn’t fully meet my expectations. Personally I love Drake, however the album only had a few songs that I truly liked, like Gently, featuring Bad Bunny,” said Sweet. “I only give it a seven point two five out of ten because there were some bad songs on the new album.”

A familiar face to the junior class, Zach Sharkey, thought that the album was just ok and that it wasn’t up to his expectations.

“I’d rate the album a six out of ten, cause there were only like, three songs on the album that I really liked. All the other songs were mid, and really weren’t that good.”

Luke Verelli, unlike many other Woodland students, thought the album was pretty good and that it somewhat lived up to the expectations.

“I thought it was actually pretty good. It didn’t have to grow on me, like past Drake albums I’ve listened to. It was definitely better than the last two albums he released,” said Verelli. I’d rate it a seven point five out of ten, since it was good, but not super good.”

To sum everything up, the album was very controversial. I’d personally rate it an eight out of ten because I think it was good. Me as well as many others are looking forward to his next album and what he might produce.

Chase Starzman

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