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The Uproar of Lululemon

Lululemon is a brand of athletic clothing that recently has become extremely popular among many people, turning into a trend. The most popular product is the Lululemon leggings that girls have become obsessive over.

Lululemon is a high end brand, so a pair of leggings will cost you from 98 to over a hundred dollars. You’re lucky if you can find something less than 50 dollars.

Over social media the word is that it is good quality and that’s why it is advertised. Yes, clothing has become expensive all over the world but Lululemon is not the only brand with good quality.

Lululemon started to take off during 2021. Originally invented in 1998 creating yoga pants, Lululemon creator Chip Wilson started to expand the company during the Covid season. When people were bored and shopping during the season of Covid, influencers started noticing Lululemon and advertising it.

Woodland students really like Lululemon. Sophomore Mariah Hawley believes “It became a trend and the quality is great.”

“Because it’s so expensive, everyone thinks that it’s good quality.”

Sophomore Gabriella Mytollari states,

“Because it’s so basic every girl wants it.”

Woodland students show mixed feelings about Lululemon. Mostly due to advertisements of celebrities and the quality of the leggings.

Lillian Wringley

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