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Michael Belcher Captain Feature

Michael Belcher, junior, has worked his way up to being a captain because of his dedication and commitment to the baseball team. He continues working hard within his baseball career to succeed and become the best player he can be. 

Belcher began his baseball career at the age of four, for the local Little League Prospect team. With his dad as the coach and his brother a fellow teammate, Belcher grew comfortable with the sport. In fact, Belcher’s father is the one who originally sparked his love for baseball. 

“He started coaching and I just would talk to him all of the time about baseball. Before every game, after every game,” Belcher said. 

Despite being known as a baseball player now, Belcher grew up playing basketball as well. He soon realized baseball was much more enjoyable than basketball, and knew he wanted to continue playing baseball for as long as he could. He has been playing his main position, pitcher, for his whole life. 

“My favorite part about pitching is being in the moment on the mound, and always having the ball in my hands,” Belcher said. 

Having the pressure on him all of the time gives him the thrill and excitement of the game. Specifically with high school baseball, Belcher is looking forward to the rest of this season and how his team will continue to succeed. His team has always been one of his favorite parts about school and what he looks forward to after school everyday. 

“I think we’re definitely going to make some noise,” said Belcher. “Maybe even a championship would be awesome.” 

Belcher wanted to play baseball in college and hopes to play as long as he can. Thus, Belcher verbally committed to Bryant University, the Division 1 school, on December 16, 2021. 

“I just want to go out there, work hard and have fun, then see where it takes me after that,” Belcher said. 

Belcher thanks baseball for all that it has done in his life. The lessons that were taught to Belcher will always stay with him. 

“I think having confidence in yourself is the most important thing. You can hit the ball three out of ten times and you could be considered great at it. It’s definitely important to just be mentally tough.”

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