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Artist Spotlight: Claire Cummings

“My art has influenced my character,” said Claire Cummings (they/them), an aspiring artist, who sees perspective as it defines character and personality.

Perspective is usually defined as “a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view,” but within the art world it is “drawing solid objects on a two-dimensional surface.” Changing perspective changes the image entirely. 

Cummings’ perspective is manipulated by their art during the creation of it. 

Cummings is an active member of the arts program at Woodland Regional High School. Participating in digit media, animation, graphic design, sketch, band and theater helped Cummings find their passion. 

“When I became more interested in Disney and Dreamworks cartoons, I found my passion within it. I tried my hand at animation and I loved it.”

For Cummings, their family also changed Cummings’ perspective of the world in regards to the art field. Their three siblings are also “art freaks” and pushed Cummings to follow in the family’s path. 

“I have always been interested in art, but my pushing points were my family and my upbringing of musical theater and fine arts,” said Cummings.

Family and personal desire keep them motivated to pursue the arts. 

“Claire really keeps themself motivated by doing all things involved in the art, music and theater community, but I am always there to provide encouragement and support whenever needed to keep them going,” said Cayleigh Cummings, Claire Cummings’ sister. 

Although there is plenty of influence on Cummings’ side, they still find it difficult to decide which field they prefer. 

“I find it hard to choose between the performing arts and the fine arts, which is why I would say I am most interested in acting and animation on an equal level,” said Cummings. 

Since Cummings loves both these fields equally, they hope to study animation and pursue acting in college. 

From the past to the present to the future, Cummings’ perspective of the world and the arts has been manipulated greatly by their family and creativity.

“It makes me a happier person. I can express myself.”

Hannah Mudry

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