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Athlete Spotlight: Ava Cratty

Ava Cratty, concluding her 5th year playing Woodland volleyball, is one of the many special people on the team.

Despite originally being a basketball player, Ava Cratty decided to sign up for volleyball in her freshman year of high school. While playing freshman year, she fell in love with the feeling of winning, working together, and creating a better flowing environment. 

Working together is one of the things Cratty looks to when on the court with her teammates. Not only does she love the sport, she loves the people and the coaches. With her passion being volleyball.

Cratty believes playing volleyball, “is a mental game. If you’re not on your game you’ll have a difficult time playing the game.”

When Cratty graduates she says that she will not be continuing volleyball in college,but as a hobby. This will give her excitement of working with people to achieve something great.

Cratty has learned to work hard and the importance of working together with her teammates.

“Volleyball is probably the best feeling in the world,” Cratty said. “[Hitting] the ball over the net makes everyone feel better.”

Rebekkah Lawton

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