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Athlete Spotlight: Daniella Celotto

Daniella “Dani” Celotto, Girls Soccer Junior Captain, started soccer when she was six years old. She was originally forced to play because her parents signed her up, but it clearly ended up being a good idea in the long run. In 4th grade she joined her club team, AFC, made new friends and was brought closer to many people by playing on the team.

“It’s a good experience for both the sport and your social life,” says Celotto.

Between her skills and love for the game, Celotto has seriously considered playing soccer at the next level once she graduates. Although she isn’t sure what college she wants to attend, when she does make the decision she hopes to still play soccer. Even if she doesn’t get to play for a college team, intramurals are satisfactory for her too so she can continue the sport she loves.

She has been on the high school team since her freshman year and was just recently named team captain. When her good friend and teammate Casey Mulligan was named Junior Captain, too, it made the experience even better. Cellotto was excited with this new role.

“Being Junior captain has been a goal of mine and achieving that goal made me feel very accomplished as a player.”

Celotto believes that a good captain is, “Being responsible when needed, lifting your teammates up when they need it, cheering them on and letting them know that mistakes are okay, and being there for everyone.”

Celotto has a few ideas on how the team can improve on their skills since it is only just the beginning of the season with a young team. A struggle right now is trying to figure out everyone’s positions and where they are best out on the field and where they’re comfortable.

There are many memorable times from last soccer season that Celotto loved, but her favorite part was when they took the NVL title. She explained that everyone was saying that the team wasn’t gonna make it there, but, “…proving them wrong was the highlight of my season and felt so good.”

Celotto still has this season and next season to take charge on the field and show everyone how much better of a player and a leader she can get.

Ava Napiello

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