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Honors Cords for All

Honor societies at Woodland are now allowed to wear their cords at graduation. On Monday, January 17th, Student Government passed a resolution stating that all opposed to only Math, National, and World Language Honor Societies having this privilege.

“With the resolution, the aforementioned organizations as well as Music, Science, Quill and Scroll, and Fine Arts Honor Societies are included,” said Emily Laput, Woodland Student Body President.

Region 16 and Student Government were able to come to an agreement after four years of advocating for all honor societies to have permission to wear their cords at graduation.

“We wanted to limit the scope of that because they’re definitely not equal as far as the commitment and the time and energy that it takes to be a member of a club or activity,” said Kurt Ogren, Woodland’s Principal. “Where we kind of drew the line was if it was a national honor society type committee, that would fall under the category of yes, you can have an honor cord.”

Ogren believes that when younger students see upperclassmen at graduation, it will inspire them to work harder to get to where they want.

Laput is happy with Ogren’s decision and pleased organizations get the recognition they deserve.

“All honor society members deserve to be seen and celebrated for their accomplishments,” stated Laput.

Juniper Araujo

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