Course Registration for 2021-22 School Year

This year, Woodland decided to take a day to make sure that students have all the information they need to choose classes for the upcoming school year. Wednesday, January 27th, will be a half-day that will feature all eight blocks of the schedule where students will hear about the different class options they can take for their next school year. 

All students in advisory should have received a colored piece of paper with all the classes that are required, with the added classes that need to be filled in. When students sign up for their classes, they will do so in advisory. The Hawks group will sign up for their classes online on February 1st, and the Woodland group will sign up for their classes on February 2nd. For those that are full-time distance learners, students can decide which day they would like to sign up for classes. 

Teachers will have all of their students’ recommendations for their core classes completed by January 29th. Students should have their core classes chosen by then. The classes recommended by the teachers will appear on the online form the day students choose their classes. 

Students are still encouraged to fill out the course registration sheet that was given in the advisory. Using their completed sheet, they can use their computer to sign up for electives online; however, the online form does not put them in order by preference. On the sheet of paper, Woodland tries to accommodate the electives you have chosen by ranking your choices 1-8. 

If there are any questions, contact your teachers for help, or if additional help is needed, the school counselors are available to go over schedules.