Woodland’s Math Team Aiming to Attend States

Woodland’s Math Team has been working harder than ever to get to the state competition.

The Woodland Math Team is currently ranked seventh out of fifteen schools in the greater New Haven area. Now only able to attend Google meets at either 1 PM or 6:30 PM after school, they practice the topics they are given and prepare for the competitions. Since these competitions cannot be held in person, they are done on Google Forms. 

Brian O’Connell, a second-year mathlete, is adjusting to the new changes. The past two years have not been the most normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic; however, they have been very fun, O’Connell says. 

“Right now, we’re just trying to get to states. Doing well in the competition is our top priority.” 

With Monika Fryc-Gabrys as the advisor to help them out, the math team is hopeful to make it to the state competition. She always makes sure that the students have help during and outside the Google Meets.

“They are coming regularly, they are practicing, and they always enjoy all the points they get and the competitions they do,” says Fryc-Gabrys. “I am so proud of all our Math Team members.”