2020 Club Fair

Clubs and activities make high school a memorable experience and help shape students into healthy, happy adults. Fortunately, Woodland Regional High School has a wide variety of clubs for students to choose from. 

Every year, Woodland Regional High School’s Inter Club Council (ICC) hosts a Club Fair for all students to learn about the clubs that the school has to offer. 

This year, the Club Fair was held online on November 17 at seven o’clock at night. This was quite an adjustment for students because in previous years, Club Fair has been a social event held in the school’s courtyard with donuts and apple cider. Luckily, the change of scenery didn’t affect the meaning behind Club Fair, all students and teachers involved were able to receive the same information. 

Emily Laput, president of the ICC, co-created a website that’s purpose was to showcase the many clubs of Woodland. The website was a reference source that included pictures and descriptions of the various clubs offered at Woodland. For more information on the specific clubs offered at Woodland Regional High School, click here to view the website. 

The ICC makes Club Fair a top priority every year because studies have shown that students are 6% more likely to participate in sports than clubs and Woodland wanted to attract students to clubs.

“A report by the US Census Bureau found that children were more likely to participate in sports (35 percent) than clubs or lessons like music, dance and language (both around 29 percent),” states Florida Prepaid College Board.

Laput finds this information upsetting because clubs are proven to be more beneficial for brain development than sport activities.

“Students who participate in clubs tend to have a higher GPA than students who do not participate in clubs,” says Laput. “Those students who participate in extracurricular activities are also less likely to skip class, experiment with drugs, and tend to take more pride in their work.”

Clubs are positive and safe ways for students to express themselves and choose productive ways to spend their time. For example: in Gender Sexuality Alliance, GSA, students learn to build a healthy community; in Student Government, students learn how to lead and get their ideas heard; and in Crime Scene Investigation, CSI, students learn how to problem solve. Join a new club now and see how it improves your life later.