Artists of Woodland:: Jaden Young

by: May Dawes and Kylie Leonard
If you have ever seen Jaden Young you know that she is a creative person. To her colorful scarves and sparkling jewelry, she expresses her creativity everywhere she goes.

Young has been creating and sharing art since she was in elementary school. Over the last seven years, she has learned different techniques and styles, like shading.

Young’s favorite aspects to use in her drawings are to bring attention to the picture in order to make the entire thing pop. She uses contrasting colors to give her art more definition. Young became inspired to make art by starting with drawing small cartoons and mango cartoons, which would resemble Pokemon cartoons. She has learned to draw many different things since, but some of her favorite things to draw include, people, hair and trees. During her freshman year at Woodland, Young took Drawing and Painting 1. This year, her sophomore year, she is taking Drawing and Painting 2 and AP Art History. Young says that her favorite class she has taken so far is Drawing and Painting 1.

“I like the Drawing and Painting 1 a lot. I got to do a strawberry painting and that was really challenging because I didn’t know how I was going to go about it. I just kind of went with it and it came out.”

The strawberry drawing was one of her favorite pieces that she has created. She had to create four different pictures. Young did one in graphite and one where she had to choose a color, which she found really fun.

She also drew about school shootings, which she created in her free time. She was shocked by the Parkland School Shooting that took place on February 14th, 2018. In an Instagram caption, Young stated, “Wednesday could entail going to school or work, being in class or taking a shift. Only February 14th was not an ordinary day for the high school in Parkland, Flordia. It was a day of violence. Sandy Hook? The name is also hard to forget, as well as many other places who have expierenced something so traumatic. A school shooting. It has become the “new normal”. A normal we will not accept.” She does not only create things she loves, but also makes art on topics she thinks are important for people to know about.

Young displays her art on her Instagram,, where she not only shares her art, but   also talks to other artist just like her.

“I like to share my art with people and I talked to other artists on there too. I’ve given people compliments on there and they talk to me about my art too.”

Art has been a big part of Young’s life and has affected her tremendously and has shaped her personality. If it wasn’t for the small cartoons she drew as a child, she would not be the person she is today.

“Over the years, I have created a style for myself. I enjoy drawing trees and people for example, which can symbolize life. With art, I can express myself in any medium.” said Young.

¨Art allows me to share my perspective with the world.”