Artists of Woodland:: Emily Testone

The Greek origin of the word photography means “to write with light.” While most students are writing essays for their English classes using descriptive language to “paint an image” in a reader’s head, photographers are doing the opposite. Photographers create an image which has a story or meaning behind it that the viewer interprets, which is exactly what artist, Emily Testone, is doing through her artwork.

“Over other mediums of art, I do prefer photography — not only because I am the best at that than any other medium — but because it’s so real compared to a painting or a sculpture,” said Testone. “It [photography] is a true moment that is captured through someone’s eye, and it amazes me how it can look so different within certain compositions or different perspectives.”

Testone has grown not only in her love of photography, but also as an artist through the courses she has taken here at Woodland. By taking these art classes, she has learned new techniques to expand her knowledge of photography; as well as find her personal preferences and styles which have impacted her concentration choices for this year.

“My concentration for the year is using the body as a canvas, but also portraying different types of emotions. My inspiration for this concentration was to really express that any part of the body can be a canvas and also show an emotion,” said Testone. “I enjoy doing makeup and I can really excel as this being my concentration because I will get to use makeup for every piece put into the concentration portfolio.”

Testone has learned through her to appreciate other famous artists, such as Vincent Van Gogh, Annie Lebowitz, and Vivian Maier. Their artwork has inspired certain elements of her own work, such as the compositions she uses when shooting and how she edits her images. Her love for photography, her passion to better herself, and her technique has led her to continue her studies of photography all the way to AP Studio Art.

“It [photography] is a challenge for me, but in a good way. It was my one class that I got to really enjoy and just sort of do my own thing.”

Throughout the years, Testone’s love and passion for art has led her to create her own unique artwork which will be on display at this year’s Fine Arts Night.