Students Share Their “Fashion Disasters”

Colin Kennelly

“I woke up this morning and said, ‘you know what I need to do today? Put my shirt on inside out because that way people way people won’t know what it says and I like to be mysterious. Then, after I did that, I realized that I forgot to put my undershirt on so I said, ‘you know what?’ It works the same way if you put it on the outside. So, I put it on the outside. One of these boots I found in my room and the other one I found downstairs so I threw them on and went outside. They work the same.” – Kennelly

Eli Moro

“I’m trying to have a good time my junior year. I’m trying to score some points for my team. I’m just trying to be spontaneous, you know.” -Moro

Amanda Neff

“I guess the inspiration was just to look as wacky as possible. My pants are my favorite piece because I would wear them all the time.”

Salena DiRubba

“When I first got this dress I actually really liked it. I also really like my sweater but I saw them together in my closet and just knew that this had to be my outfit.” -DiRubba

Jenna Pannone

“I wanted to go all out for spirit day because it’s our senior year and I wanted to have fun with it and get crazy.” -Pannone

Julia Sgrillo

“I saw a picture of someone wearing a tank top over a t-shirt I thought it looked weird so I wanted to do it. I found these pants this morning and I thought they were cool.” – Sgrillo

Jordan Theroux

“I wanted to stay color coordinated but still feel like a train wreck at the same time. Obviously my crocs are my favorite item because I can make them my own with the different charms and really spice them up and add flavor to my outfit.” – Theroux