Alan Rickman Remembered

   “Look at me,” whispered Severus Snape in the seventh installment of the Harry Potter franchise. Harry did look; and so did all Muggles, captivated by Alan Rickman’s portrayal of the Hogwarts Potions Master.  Rickman, who played Snape from 2001-2011, died after a long bout with cancer and left Potterheads of the world to mourn his loss.

   The Harry Potter series, held on a pedestal of literary genius since the release of its first book in 1997, quickly became a worldwide sensation.  Millions of devoted fans stuck with Harry and his friends until the very end of The Deathly Hallows.

   Not just acclaimed for his performances in the Harry Potter series, Rickman was featured in 68 films throughout his lifetime, including Sweeney Todd (2007), Die Hard (1988), and Galaxy Quest (1999). His awards include one Golden Globe, fifteen other award wins, and twenty-nine nominations.

   Rickman was not only an actor. He wrote and directed two films, and was the executive producer of one short story. The voice of the Blue Caterpillar in Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016) was Rickman’s.

   His legacy as an actor and voice specialist in film lives on, but Rickman is most loved for the character of Severus Snape. A very misunderstood man, Rickman portrayed Snape using his famous deep drawl, and brought a face to the intense character that Snape was. Onscreen, Snape was intimidating and moody, but offscreen, the Harry Potter cast knew him as a caring and loving man.

   When news of his death reached the cast, they were distraught. This man, who brought joy, compassion, and advice to the set for more than ten years, was gone. Here is a compilation of social media outreaches from original cast members to remember Rickman.

   While remembering Alan Rickman, think not of the intimidating characters he portrayed. Think of the first time Snape was described in The Sorcerer’s Stone, and the man behind the “teacher with greasy black hair, a hooked nose, and sallow skin.”


* Author’s Note to Potterheads: Page 394 will be remembered, Always.