Woodland Creates Gaming Club

Scrabble, Uno, Dungeons and Dragons, and Monopoly. What do all these games have in common? They are all going to be played at Woodland Regional High School’s newest gaming club. Advised by Mr. Amato, this club is set to give students and faculty a way to hang out away from technology, playing fun games that came before Xbox or PlayStation in tournament style competitions . The games listed below are not the only games that will be played, however. Because Gaming club will meet once a week, many of the competitions will be played over a span of two to three weeks and attendance is not mandatory for every single game. The current list of games to be played and for about how long are as follows:

Monopoly: 2 Meetings

Chess: 2 meetings

Dungeons and Dragons: 1 Meetings

Pokemon: 2 maybe 3

Scrabble: 2 meetings

Risk: 2 Meetings

Scene it: 1 month (Disney, Harry Potter, etc..)

Trivial Pursuit: 1 meeting  

Guess Who: 2 meetings

Yahtzee: 1 or 2 meetings

Clue:  2 meetings

Uno: 1 meetings

Special: Jeopardy: 1 meeting

Jenga: 1 meetings

Trouble: 1 meetings

Chutes and Ladders: 1 Meetings

Candy Land: 1 Meetings

*Game list and amount of meetings may be subject to change


The first meeting of the gaming club will be Wednesday October 21, on the half day. For any questions about the club please ask either Murrae Tiano, Jeffrey Varesio, or Mr. Amato.