Adult Coloring Books Trending Among Teenagers and Adults

Most people have colored as a child, but now adults are doing it too, in their own specially themed books. It seems that everywhere books are sold consumers can now pick up one of their very own coloring books.

Adult Coloring is a new fad that started around the end of last year. With themes spanning from beautiful fairies to intricate kaleidoscope renderings, many teenagers and adults have become hooked.  In response to this trend, popular crayon and marker company, Crayola, has released a line of Adult Coloring Books and Adult Color Markers.

But what truly is it that makes these books so appealing? According to, the entire process of adult coloring and the feeling that one gets while coloring is similar to that of yoga. Coloring relaxes the mind, is said to reduce stress and allows adults to do a simple thing that requires little thought. The trend has grown sharply because it is a form of stress release in teens and adults who normally have higher stress levels.


The act of coloring, neatly filling in intricate lines and watching a piece come together slowly but beautifully is very satisfying, almost meditative. In an article for, columnist, Julie Beck put it best in her article where she confesses to being a coloring book dabbler.

“There’s something very satisfying about watching the color slowly spread across the page,” said Beck, “about seeing your thought and effort create a tangible, pretty thing at a reasonable, predictable pace. This rarely happens in life.”

While Beck notes that she does not need to always be moving her hands, there is a soothing benefit to coloring while multitasking. Coloring  gives a person something to do with their hands while doing other activities like watching television, instead of sitting almost motionless and staring at a screen. Because coloring requires little thought, besides choosing what color to use, it can be done almost any time without taking too much focus away from the activity that was being done initially.

Almost every teen or adult has stress, and even if they don’t feel they do coloring still can have positive benefits on your health and mindfulness. If you want a coloring book, with all the choices and themes that producers are creating, chances are you can find one you will like.