Make a Statement without Breaking the Bank

Holiday activities like shopping and baking can take a lot of energy out of a person.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it is very easy to put holiday decorations on the back burner.

However, there are many inexpensive and easy ways to make your house look festive this holiday season.

When having dinner guests over, inspire them with your classy and conversation starter centerpieces. Glue candy canes to a can, tie it with ribbon, and fill it with flowers to create a candy cane vase. Or, if you’re going for a more sophisticated look, fill glass cups with water and die with food coloring of your choice. Then, place a floating candle inside to create a festive glow your guests will love.

To light up your dinner table or mantle, wrap a strand of white or colored lights around a styrofoam ball and attach it to a string if you want it to be hung.

Fill a bowl with pine cones or candy as an eye catching piece as well.

Ever wonder what to do with the numerous Christmas cards that pile up on your kitchen table throughout December?
Hang them up around a doorway or place them on a Christmas tree to share the holiday cheer with your guests throughout the month. suggests mixing a dried and cut orange peel, dried cloves, and broken cinnamon sticks in a pot of water on the stove to leave the house smelling deliciously fragrant.

Another great option is to keep it traditional by stringing popcorn and hanging it on your Christmas tree or by placing candlesticks in the windows.

Decorating for the holidays is not something you have to do alone, either. Many families have traditions of their own when it comes to holiday decorations.

Kaylee Yerrington, sophomore at Woodland Regional High School, says her family buys glass ornaments and fills them with glitter and other festive objects each year. Sophomore Lindsey Gabianelli makes small Christmas trees out of pine cones.

By following these few cost effective and creative steps, your house will be left looking merry in a pinch.

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