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Mean Girls or Mean Reviews

After Mean Girls the Musical was released, it reached all audiences and social media apps. In less
than one month, the topic disappeared with the likability of the movie. Worldwide, the original 2004
movie has made 29 million more dollars when compared to the 2024 version. Critics are saying the Mean
Girls the Musical is enjoyable.

Critics painted the picture of the movie to be a breathtaking-rebellious, never-before-seen motion
picture. When audiences saw Mean Girls the Musical, many began comparing it to the original; the media
of the musical started to skyrocket with criticism towards the outfits and casting choices being

“Poorly made for a multimillion budget,” said Gia Salvatore.

Others criticized the songs for

“Trying too hard to be like the original” and “throwing out one of the best known songs ‘Jingle Bell Rock,’ and replacing it with a cheap verison to show differences,” said Gabriella Volpe.

People began to pick at every little detail on the movie; it first started with the outfits then the
music that was thrown in, after the product placement, and finally the reason why it was not stated it was
a musical. Soon people began to post all over social media about being disappointed when walking out of movie theaters after watching the movie.

The songs from the movie started to pop up all over the TikTok world. “Revenge Party” soon
became the entire ‘for you page’ overtaking everything. This soon prompted Mean Girls the Musical to be watched worldwide to see if the hype was worth it. Movie theaters and stores that sell to teenagers came out with new eye-catching attire inspired by the movie. Which soon put a spotlight on the poorly chosen outfits of one of the main characters. People began to question why directors put the character Regina George in outfits that did not fit her personality, as perfectly as her co-stars.

Reneé Rapp, who featured as Regina George in the movie, has been acting since 2018. She
started in theater then made it into Broadway and later expanded roles in TV shows and movies. She
began to become popular for her musical abilities that featured in the movie. Distracting audiences from
the wardrobe and the product placement that was obviously there.

Backlash started to arise with Paramount, because of not stating it was a musical but rather a
newly improved Mean Girls movie.

“Statistics show that stating this movie was a musical would have affected the performance of the
movie’s interest rate. Allowing audiences to criticize it for being a musical,” said Marc Weinstock,
President of Distribution and Global Marketing at Paramount.

This was enough to cause the target audience to never watch the movie and be reluctant to do so.
People started to believe it was as terrible as it sounded and soon began believing that it wasn’t worth the watch. “Cringeworthy” started to be the new description of the movie becoming the topic of discussion between podcasts and writers of popular news sites.

Tina Fey, who played the teacher in the first movie and starred in the newest as a principal, also
remarked on the backlash of the film, stating it was from a certain audience. Tina Fey expressed her
frustration with unpleasant words creating even more tension in the debate of the “love it or hate it.”

The overwhelming majority of people expressed it was too similar to the original. Money wise
the musical made a similar amount of money to the original in the first week.

Sooner or later reviewers and viewers would dish out their opinions making the movie just barely
hit 100 million dollars in total compared to the original. Critics are stating it is truly fetch and a
must-watch. Audiences around the world would disagree

Rebekkah Lawton

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