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Stanley Craze

From Yeti’s, to Hydroflasks, and now Stanleys, all these tumblers have come and gone from popularity in the last few years. All of the tumblers perform the similar functions with them keeping water cold for a long period of time.  The question is are the tumblers worth the money and are they really practical? 

Avid Stanley user, Gia Salvator, talks about how she loves the cups and that they are super cute. 

“I’ll put ice in it in the morning for school, and when I wake up the next day there’s still ice in it,” Salvator said. “It’s still really cold.” 

The only downside to the tumbler is that they don’t fit into the side pocket of most backpacks, so it has to be carried around all day. 

Others however think that they are not worth the hype and that the tumblers are not really good quality. 

Sophomore Natalie Muharem, says that she got a Stanley for Christmas and it spills constantly. 

“I would not recommend the cups to someone else,” Muharem says. 

While these tumblers have some flaws, when it comes to price, they are very similar to other tumblers, when it comes to price. 

Yeti’s are sold for 45.00 dollars, Hydroflasks are sold for 39.95 dollars, and Stanleys are sold for 45.00 dollars, these are all prices for the 40 oz tumblers. So, the tumblers are all worth roughly the same value. There have been instances where the Stanleys have been sold for over 400 dollars on limited edition cups. However, for their medium sized cups they are priced out roughly the same as competition. 

All in all, these cups all have the same features, it just depends on the consumers loyalty and taste to what company they should buy from. The next time you walk down one of our Woodland hallways, look and see who’s carrying what brand.

Colby Sizer

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