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All You Need to Know About Ski Club

Ski season is here, and many Woodland students are excited to hit the slopes this winter. Many will be doing so as a member of the Woodland Ski Club. The ski club grants students here at Woodland the opportunity to go skiing as often as they can with friends from school. The club is run by Mr. Misuraca, a teacher here at Woodland, and the first trip of the season will take place on January 4th.

“We go skiing every Thursday, or four times a month,” says Gunnar Miranda, a member of the Woodland Ski Club.

Although everyone in the ski club is looking forward to traversing the steep slopes this season, some of them also have some suggestions for improvements to the ski club. According to Luke Borajkiewicz, another member of the club, there is no bus for the club to travel to the mountains.

“We need more people so we can have a bus,” says Borajkiewicz.

Many ski club members suggest that if a student wants to ski, they should join the ski club, even if they have never skied before. The ski club provides opportunities to get lessons for beginner skiers, so everybody is welcome. Anyone can join the club at any time during the season. Ski club member Tyler Gibeau says that it is not hard to join ski club.

“You have to talk to (Mr Misuraca) and he will give you a paper for your parents to sign,” says Gibeau.

Of course, it does cost money to join ski club, but according to the members, it is most definitely worth it.

Liam Kimball

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