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Crapshooters of Woodland

Following football players, Salvatore Santella and Michael Strachan, five new athletes are playing their hand at being gangsters and crapshooters in Guys and Dolls with the Woodland drama department.

A few times a week, Ryan Deptula, Jimmy Schwarz, Jacob Savoy, Jaylen Goodall, and
Jeff Guluzy meet in the auditorium to dance, sing and act. Many of the boys were inspired by the
performance of Guluzy in The Diary of Anne Frank in October. Apart from Guluzy’s influence,
choreographer, Jillian Jackman, was able to seek out many of the boys in her sociology class.

“Jeff told me that we would only have three scenes, but it turns out we have a lot more and one of the hardest dance numbers in the whole play,” Deptula responded. “Once we got in, I never wanted to take it out, so it doesn’t matter how much they give me.”

Schwarz was also surprised by the amount of numbers that he was a part of.

“We are set characters with names and maybe even lines and it is very exciting. I didn’t
think I would want to [take on a bigger role than expected], but I am having a lot of fun.”

So far, the boys have been acclimated to the drama club with open arms from the already
existing members.

“They are eager to participate in scenes and they are respectful of the craft,” said Hannah
Semrow, portraying Adelaide.

Quickly getting along, the hot box girls and the crapshooters spend the majority of their
time together, celebrating both of the group’s interests

“We support each other. They participate in our rehearsals and we go to their basketball
games,” said Claire Cummings, portraying Benny Southstreet.

Guluzy is happy to be with a warm, welcoming group of people in a fun environment.
The boys have learned many valuable lessons about what it takes to be a thespian. While
Savoy learned that you need to commit and take it seriously, Goodall mentioned that he has
gained a deeper understanding for his character as well as lessons in teamwork, structure, and

As athletes, the students have not had an easy time working rehearsals into their
schedules. The boys have had to schedule around work and sports, making sure to tell their
employers and coaches where and when they will be available.

Deptula, a member of the track team, said “When I have to lock in, I’ll lock in for the

Goodall looks forward to performing on stage in front of all of his friends.

“I have enjoyed the dances and the tricks that cannot be disclosed at this time. You’ll see
them on May 4th, 5th, and 6th.”

Jackman has high hopes for what the involvement of the boys will do for the program.

“Our goal at Woodland is to have the whole student body interested in the performing arts
and interested in seeing themselves up on stage,” said Jackman “I think it is creative and it can
definitely benefit students in athletics, in academics, and overall just creating a culture of family
here at Woodland.”

Evan Moore

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